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Vepo Online Backflow Management System1 W.I.S.E. Guys2 SAVE Program3 Backflow Tracking and Reporting4
Online Backflow Management System
The Vepo Online Backflow Management System is a complete backflow prevention assembly testing, tracking and reporting program offered to any city, municipal utility district, or water purveyor free of charge. All fees are paid by the backflow prevention assembly tester. The program provides the online tools necessary to quickly and easily enter backflow test and maintenance reports, and to track and manage the reports. Vepo will print and send letters to upcoming or past due accounts to perform ongoing annual testing of the assemblies at no charge to the city, municipal utility district, or water purveyor.
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SAVE Irrigation Plan Review and Inspection Program
The SAVE Program is a complete irrigation system plan review and inspection program offered free of charge to any city or water purveyor. The SAVE Program includes the integrated Online Backflow Management System to record backflow assembly test reports. The name says it all - System Analysis and Verification of Efficiency. Our goal is to analyze each new irrigation system design and verify that it will meet the minimum design specifications before the installation of the system is allowed. Once the system is installed, we will verify that the system has been installed according to the approved design.
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About the W.I.S.E. Guys Programs
The W.I.S.E. Guys residential and commercial programs are conservation programs aimed at reducing the amount of water wasted through inefficient irrigation.

The W.I.S.E. Guys residential program is a service offered to cities, water districts, municipal utility districts, and any other supplier of water, our most precious natural resource. The program evaluates existing residential irrigation systems and makes recommendations to the homeowner for improvement to the performance and scheduling of the system eliminating unnecessary waste.

The W.I.S.E. Guys commercial program is a service offered to cities, commercial businesses, Homeowner's Associations, and any other large users of irrigation water. The service identifies and counts the number of problems found within an irrigation system. A detailed report is provided consisting of project information, system information, estimates of water waste, educational information, and photographic documentation of problem occurrences.

These two programs have the ability to conserve millions of gallons of water each year allowing your city, water district, or municipal utility district to meet its conservation goals.

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Dear W.I.S.E. Guys,

I have two compliments! First I wish to thank you for sending us Jill Avery to do the Southlake irrigation system evaluation. She did an outstanding job of evaluating and helping me update my sprinklers, so I would not get a thousand dollar non-compliant ticket from our city! I am incredibly grateful to you. You were very prompt, kind, and efficient.

Although I had another company come out and make the adjustments, I still was watering the street. Jill came back and calibrated my system and stopped two heads from "blowing off"! She was/is very knowledgeable and helpful. Thanks to you and to her for making our city and my yard better.

Blessings to you all,

Carol Johnson
Southlake, Texas
W.I.S.E. Guys Client List
Residential Program

Woodlands Joint Powers Agency
Harris County MUD 365
City of Southlake
City of Conroe
City of Sugar Land
City of Allen
Harris-Montgomery Co. MUD 386
Malcomson Road MUD
Harris County MUD 102
Fort Bend Co. MUD 106
Fort Bend Co. MUD 108
Fort Bend Co. MUD 109
Fort Bend Co. MUD 117
Montgomery Co Utility District 4
City of Cedar Park
North Fort Bend Water Authority
Cinco MUD No. 1
Cinco MUD No. 2
Cinco MUD No. 3
Cinco MUD No. 5
Cinco MUD No. 6
Cinco MUD No. 7
Cinco MUD No. 8
Cinco MUD No. 9
Cinco MUD No. 10
Cinco MUD No. 12
Cinco MUD No. 14
Cinco Southwest MUD 4
Cornerstones M.U.D.
Fort Bend Co. MUD 34
Fort Bend Co. MUD 35
Fort Bend Co. MUD 41
Fort Bend Co. MUD 50
Fort Bend Co. MUD 119
Fort Bend Co. MUD 123
Fort Bend Co. MUD 124
Fort Bend Co. MUD 130
Fort Bend Co. MUD 133
Fort Bend Co. MUD 151
Fort Bend Co. MUD 194
Grand Lakes MUD 1
Grand Lakes MUD 2
Grand Lakes MUD 4
Grand Mission MUD 1
Grand Mission MUD 2
Harris-Fort Bend Co. MUD 5
North Mission Glen MUD
Tarrant Regional Water District
City of Arlington
City of Bedford
City of Euless
City of Fort Worth
City of Grapevine
City of Hurst
City of Keller
City of Mansfield
North Richland Hills

Commercial Program

Harris County MUD 355
Grand Lakes HOA
City of Sugar Land Parks Dept.
Denso North America
Mustang Engineering
Fort Bend Co. MUD 151
Harris Co. MUD 165
Harris Co. MUD 18
Malcomson Road MUD
Harris Co. MUD 102
Cinco MUD 8
Fort Bend Co. MUD 41