FOG Inspector Quick Start Guide
Important steps to complete before you may submit an inspection:
  1. Select the locations where you will be inspecting traps or tanks from the Water Supplier Management button or menu.
  2. Create a list of additional inspectors or employees in the My Account > Sub Account Management menu.
Video Help Topics

Below is information on the function of each part of the FOG Inspection System. To see Video Tutorials on each of these topics,

click here.

Account Overview

This is the main page viewed everytime you log into your account. The Account Overview is a control panel that keeps you up to date on everything that is going on in your account.

The My Account Menu
Account Contact Information: Edit the contact information for your company.
Account Balance Management: View and add funds to your current account balance.
Sub Account Management: Create sub accounts for any additional inspectors employed by the company.
Payment Receipts: Searchable history of any inspections submitted under this account.
The FOG Management Menu
Property Record Search: Search for any property located within the selected Water Supplier.
FOG Inspection Search: Searchable history of all FOG inspections submitted under this account or any sub account.
Submit a FOG Inspection: Submit the information for a new FOG inspection.
To submit an inspection:
  1. Within your account, click on Submit a FOG Inspection in the FOG Management menu.
  2. Search to see if the property already exists within the system.
  3. If the property already exists within the system, click on the Submit Inspection button to the right of the property information to submit a new inspection for the existing property.
  4. If the property is not found within the system, click on the Submit a FOG Inspection for a Property with No Previous History button to create a new property and begin an inspection.
  5. Enter the FOG inspection information and submit the inspection into the system.
The Water Supplier Management Menu

List of water suppliers participating in the online FOG Management System. You can select any water supplier participating in the program and review the insurance requirement of each participating water supplier.

The Checkout Menu

This page lists all of the FOG inspections that have been entered and are awaiting payment.


This page provides assistance on getting started and entering FOG inspections. You can access this page at anytime from within your account..