SAVE Program
The SAVE Program

What is the SAVE Program?

The SAVE Program is a complete irrigation system plan review and inspection program offered free of charge to any city or water purveyor. The SAVE Program includes the integrated Online Backflow Management System to record backflow device test results. The name says it all - System Analysis and Verification of Efficiency. Our goal is to analyze each new irrigation system design and verify that it will meet the minimum design specifications before the installation of the system is allowed. Once the system is installed, we will verify that the system has been installed according to the approved design.

How does the program work?

Everything is handled online through password protected accounts.
  1. Through their password protected online account, the irrigation designer submits the design in an approved drawing format.
  2. The design is automatically assigned to the plan review personnel and each design is analyzed for proper sprinkler spacing, coverage, excessive meter flow, approved backflow prevention, operating pressure at the nozzle, and more.
  3. An approval is issued allowing the installation of the system.
  4. The backflow device is tested by a registered Backflow Prevention Assembly Tester and the test results are entered into the online system.
  5. Upon completion of the system, the installation contractor requests an inspection online through their password protected account and an inspector is automatically assigned to the project.
  6. The inspector schedules an appointment and an inspection is made to ensure the system is installed according to the approved design.
  7. An approval is issued and reports are available to the city or water purveyor twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week.
All of this is done at no charge to the city or water purveyor. All fees are paid online by the designer, contractor and backflow prevention assembly tester.

How is the program of help to us?

Statistics indicate that up to 80% of peak water use can be contributed to outdoor irrigation. Up to 50% of this water is wasted. Audits of irrigation systems from California to Florida indicate that many, if not most irrigation systems operate at an average efficiency of 45% or less. This poor efficiency is due in part to inadequate sprinkler spacing and excessive pressure at the sprinkler nozzle. By simply reviewing an irrigation design prior to installation, as well as inspection of the installation to ensure the system is installed according to an approved design, the efficiency of a system may increase as much as 20% or more. This increase in efficiency may save more than 60,000 gallons of water annually on a single residential irrigation system. With the review and inspection of all new systems, it is possible to save millions of gallons of water each and every year.

How do we get started?

To put the SAVE Program to work in your city, water district, or municipal utility district and stop water waste before it starts, please contact our staff at or by telephone at (281) 476-6886 and we will go to work on your behalf.